Little Newborn Sweetie

Today I had the pleasure of photographing this six day old bundle of yawns, cries and burps. Once fed and swaddled she was a perfect little poser. Her room was perfectly set up for wider shots and I hope she does indeed get to dream big.

VK in an abandoned Psychiatric Unit

Despite what it looks like on this blog, I have been busy. For this shoot I was asked to take photos in a semi-secret location. After a walking for a while we arrived at this abandoned stately home which had previously been used as a hospital. It was perfect for the cosplay the model wanted to do. It was my first time doing this type of photography but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the results aren’t bad if I do say so myself.

Goddess Pool Party Event

At short notice I was asked to be the photographer at an LGBTQ event. It was a lot of fun, no stress, no formal hats. Due to the nature of the event I have to be very selective with the example photos I am posting here. 

A Scorching Festival

On a very hot July day, I went with this lovely family to a shrine in Tokyo to experience a summer festival. With a real feel of 40 degrees we were melting in the sun and shade. We cooled down with shaved ice, fans, and a delicious sushi lunch.

Author Portrait Success

I was asked to take a new portrait for a local author and translator. We tried a few environments and lighting situations and voila! These were her favourite shots. In fact, while writing this post I saw one of the shots was already being used on a website, success. You can buy some of her associated books here.


Back and Blooming

This pair of smiling people seems to be my most regular models. Here they are with the cherry blossoms and of course their smiles. It was a very smiley day :-)

Violins and Cherries

The very first post on this website's blog was this gentleman and his violin. He is back now in a different season with a new violin. The wood used in the tailpiece, chin rest and heart-shaped pegs on this violin is actually from the cherry tree. If you want to learn to play the violin, you can reach him at his own website

Life, Cherries, and Nature

I have met this family before and they are always looking at the nature around them. So it came as no surprise that they wanted photos with the cherry blossoms. It was a surprise that they all managed to stay still for the camera :-)

A Taste Of Japan

One of my favourite couples decided to have a Japanese day to celebrate the cherry blossom season. And why not make use of the bamboo as well? We found a place away from the crowd and had our own hanami party.

Winter Family

This family wanted the natural light on a cold afternoon. So we wrapped up warm and took photos in the wintery weather. Luckily the little chappy was very accommodating and the session was over quickly so we could return to our homes before the rain.

Womble Dog

Ok, so this cute little dachshund is not called Womble, but he does look like one. We made friends after the owner gave me one of his favourite treats to pass on. Bribery sometimes works after all. 

Perfect Model

For this shoot we used a combination of natural light and a small LED. The model knew just what to do with only a little direction. The photos show off her natural beauty.

Autumn with Style

The forecast for this day was rain and clouds, but we got beautiful autumn sunshine. I was also lucky to meet these two young ladies who knew how to hold themselves with style. Their intelligence and charm shine through for all to see. It was a pleasure to meet you all...including the person hiding.

Photographer in the making.

I am not sure why I was asked to take this young man's photo as he was quite capable of directing himself. It was his choice to take a photo while climbing the tree and on the climbing frame. His favourite saying, "One more try?" In the end I gave him the camera and he took our photograph saying, "Look at the camera please?"

Friends or Family?

The final entry for today and someone who wanted photos with neighbours, friends, and maybe more. For someone who says she hates getting her photo taken, she really takes a stunning photo.