Winter Family

This family wanted the natural light on a cold afternoon. So we wrapped up warm and took photos in the wintery weather. Luckily the little chappy was very accommodating and the session was over quickly so we could return to our homes before the rain.

Womble Dog

Ok, so this cute little dachshund is not called Womble, but he does look like one. We made friends after the owner gave me one of his favourite treats to pass on. Bribery sometimes works after all. 

Perfect Model

For this shoot we used a combination of natural light and a small LED. The model knew just what to do with only a little direction. The photos show off her natural beauty.

Autumn with Style

The forecast for this day was rain and clouds, but we got beautiful autumn sunshine. I was also lucky to meet these two young ladies who knew how to hold themselves with style. Their intelligence and charm shine through for all to see. It was a pleasure to meet you all...including the person hiding.

Photographer in the making.

I am not sure why I was asked to take this young man's photo as he was quite capable of directing himself. It was his choice to take a photo while climbing the tree and on the climbing frame. His favourite saying, "One more try?" In the end I gave him the camera and he took our photograph saying, "Look at the camera please?"

Friends or Family?

The final entry for today and someone who wanted photos with neighbours, friends, and maybe more. For someone who says she hates getting her photo taken, she really takes a stunning photo.

Memories Made

Today is a catch up on my blog day for sure. Here is a family who had their first photo shoot in the local park. They were a little nervous at first but soon relaxed. The warmth in the family shines through and their smiles light up each shot.


Snappy Chappy

This week I had the pleasure of taking photos of this beautiful mum and her son. He was more interested in the flowers and leaves than my camera, but with the help of a spare camera to play with we managed to get some lovely shots. Autumn is my favourite season in Japan, such lovely colours.

Greenery Couple

So, in the end, the dinosaurs were rejected in favour of the greenery of trees and nature. So off we went to Mizumoto Park. It was very sunny and hot, the park was heaving as it was Children's Day. Nevermind, there is always shade and space for photos in such a huge park. It took some time for everyone to feel totally relaxed, but in the end we got some lovely shots.

A Walk in the Woods

I went for a walk with a lovely couple I know, they recently got engaged and are beaming about it. The weather was gorgeous and the place was perfect, so we decided to take some photos. It took a bit of persuading as one person was a bit reluctant...can you tell which one?

A Location Scout for an Engagement.

A friend asked me to take some photos of her and her fiancee. They are quite interesting characters so I wanted to introduce them to a location I thought would be great and suit their personalities. This session we just played around as the groom was not available. I got to try out a new, remote flash and she got to climb into some dinosaurs!

A Quick Portrait

This was another very quick portrait commission...very quick. I have my camera, I will take the portrait and that was that...done and dusted. I realized the daruma dolls were a little ominous, so I blurred one of the backgrounds during post processing to reduce their impact. They were an important part of the history of the school so had to be included along with the principal.

Wooden School in the Forest

It has taken me some time to update this blog and for that, I apologize. Here are some photos of a school building that I was asked to take photos of last year. They were used in a brochure for the grand opening. The brief was to show the timber and to be as natural as possible. That means showing the beautiful colour of the wood and the view through the windows. I had to wait until the school was free of students so the light was fading. That didn't stop the beauty and peacefulness of the wooden structure shining through.


Photo Exhibition Yokohama

This month some friends invited me to join their photo exhibition, "Eclectic Wonders 2", in Yokohama. It was my first exhibition and I was quite excited. For my theme, I decided to use photos taken on my 1958  medium format film camera. I extended my theme by using portraits only. Some of the subjects were strangers I approached and asked if I could take their photo and others were people I already knew.

I left my camera hanging on the side of my assigned space. I think that caused more questions and comments than the actual photos. How does it work? Where did you get it?  Did it really take these photos? Is it safe there?

For me, the most interesting part of the weekend was when a group of photographic students said they were impressed by the portraits and then I let them try out the camera. Of course, I enjoyed seeing the work of the other photographers and being part of that group. Here are the photos that I exhibited.

If you would like to read more about the photos and see photos from another Mamiya camera then use this QR code or search iBooks for "Mamiya Magic"

book qr.jpg

A Day with Little Miss Giggles

I spent the morning with this young lady and her parents. She giggled and laughed while we tried to get some New Year photos with birds. Next year is the year of the rooster, so it was an appropriate request. Who knew bird herding would be so tricky? Other requests for the day...eating mikan and reading a book. All requests completed with more giggles and laughter.

Takayama's in Rikugien Garden.

I had a delightful day with the Takayama family in Rikugien Garden in Itabashi. It was a very bright day, but we found our own shade. After playing in the ginkgo leaves, we wandered the paths and admired the stunning colours that are just starting the wane. This is a great park in all seasons, but not the best for photography as you have to stick to the paths. It is also super busy as it is one of the special places of scenic beauty in Tokyo.