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The "Get it over with" package

This package is for those people where someone is enthusiastic about the whole photo thing and your co-model just wants it over with. You know they don't want to do it, but they care about you so long as it is quick. These sessions last 15 - 30 minutes, in a suitable location near you. You get at least 8 jpeg files to share and print as you limits.


The "Love it" Package

This package is for those people who LOVE it!
- IT, themselves, their families, their pets, their significant other(s).
These sessions last a couple of hours and may take in more than one location. You get at least 25 jpeg files to share and print as you limits


Get to know your camera

This package is for those people who would like to use more of the functions on their camera. Are you always taking photos on the "auto" setting? Then this is the package for you. Spend a couple of hours with me and learn how to use your camera more effectively. Why spend all that money on a camera and only use one setting?


Film Photography Experience

This is a specialist package for those people who have always wanted to try film photography. You get to "borrow" one of my film cameras, I will take you on a short walk, then we will take the film to be developed.