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Unreserved Seat

This page is under constant construction and dependent on the volunteers for the project. Please bare with me.

Once I have completed enough interviews and portraits I will compile them into a book. There will also be an exhibition at the club and other locations. Any funds raised will go towards Wakefield Hospice and a charity of the Landlord’s choice.

  • What does this building and this establishment mean to the people who go there?

  • Why do the patrons have their own seat without it being reserved?

  • What makes this place special?

If you would like to take part in this project please contact me by clicking on the button below or through the landlord.


Interview 01 - The first one

This project is in the first stages and is looking for more participants. This gentleman helped me test the recording equipment and the sample questions. Thank you very much.


Interview 02 - the one with the pork scratchings

This interviewee is from a different generation than the first volunteer. How are his view and thoughts about the club different? Are there any similarities? What exactly are pork scratchings?


Interview 03 - the One in the middle

This interviewee has been coming to the club for 48 years and forms part of the demographic between the first two subjects. How does his view connect the other two?


Interview 04 - the one that let in women

This interviewee has been coming to the club for around 30 years and remembers the time before women were “allowed” to come to the Working Mens Club. How was it different?